Wrangell Ferry Terminal Improvements

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August 2013 Associated Underwater Services was subcontracted by Pacific Pile and Marine to perform underwater maintenance on the Wrangell Ferry Terminal in Wrangell, Alaska. This consisted of two phases, the first phase was an ROV inspection to identify problem areas at the terminal. The second phase was to address the areas exhibiting the most wear.

Boundary Dam Crack Repair

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October 2019 Associated Underwater Services was contracted through a Master Services Agreement with Seattle City Light to repair a crack that AUS divers had previously discovered during an inspection at Boundary Dam. AUS divers repaired a crack that was approximately 50’ long X 1/8” wide. The crack was on the Vertical Face, partially on the

Southway Access Boat Launch Inspection

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December 2019 AUS was contracted to perform an inspection on the Southway Access Boat Ramp in Lewiston, Idaho. The purpose of this inspection was to identify the overall condition of the boat ramp and to locate any areas that needed to be addressed. AUS divers mapped out the ramp noting any areas that were tapered

Central Premix Clamshell Recovery

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January 2020 Central Premix operates their cranes in the Spokane Aquafer 16 hours per day to remove gravel from the aquafer to use in their cement mixture. One of the Clamshell buckets on a crane had become inoperable and stuck in the Aquafer. AUS was called in to investigate the situation and deployed a VLBV

181B Wetwell Bulkhead Replacement

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January 2020 AUS was subcontracted by DGR grant Construction, Inc. to perform the diving portion of the 181B Wetwell Bulkhead replacement. Upon removing the trashracks, AUS divers discovered concrete overpour which had to be removed using a rock drill. The divers then cleaned and inspected the Wheelabrator Screen using a pressure washer. When the divers