Long Range Internal Pipeline Inspection Crawler Inspection | 2004

This project required a video inspection of the interior of 3,346′ of an 18′ & 21′ Ocean Outfall Pipeline. This was accomplished by first flushing all the effluent out of the pipeline offshore with fresh water. Once the pipeline was free of effluent, clear water was continually pumped into the pipeline. This was required because the pipeline must be kept under pressure during the video inspection and also required for the camera to transmit a high quality image.

The actual video inspection was to be performed by a free swimming Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) and a second inspection was also done by a robotic crawler. Both units were connected to the surface via video cable which recorded and displayed the image of the interior of the pipeline.

Divers removed and replaced the pipeline blind flange, inserted and recovered the vehicle and managed umbilical during the inspection.